Thursday, May 24, 2012


Posting this a bit late, since I didn't know if I should post it because I tweeted and pinned a lot of photos already so I added some extra ones here ;))

For the first of may vacations me and my dad travelled to Dubrovnik which is 600 km away from here. I had  a really good time and the city is even more beautiful than I expected. Here are a couple of photos and if you have never been there you definitely have to go when you can :)  I can't wait to go back!

Za prvomajske počitnice sva se z očijem odpravla v 600 km oddaljen Dubrovnik. Res sm se mela lepo in mesto je še lepše kot sem pričakovala! Tukaj je par slik, vsi ki pa še niste bili tam pa obvezno morate it :)

1. Outfitt, 2. Coffee frappes at a hotel we had lunch at, 3. Sunset, 4. Balcony in the old part of the town, 5. Old Dubrovnik masks displayed in a book store, 6. Church, 7. Our dinner, one of the best pizzas ever!, 8. View from the city wall, 9. View from the top after taking a cable car up there, 10. Old part of the town, 11. Beach enjoyment, 12. Palm tree, 13. Me, 14. Hilton hotel

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