Monday, June 25, 2012


Neon polishes are my current obsession! Perfect for summer and people will definitely notice them!
I recently broke my lovely Gargantuan green by OPI so I went on a search for a new bright green polish and stumbled upon these at my local drugstore. They're really affordable - around 2€ each and they have a ton of colors to choose from. I've been searching for that perfect greenish-yellow neon for a long time and finally found it, yay! I'm definitely gonna be wearing these all the time on my vacation :)

Neonski laki za nohte so moja trenutna obsesija! Popolni za poletje in vsi jih bodo opazili! Pred nekaj dnevi sem razbila mojega ljubega Gargantuan green-a od OPI-a in šla v iskanje podobnega zelenega laka in našla tele neonske lakce znamke Depend v DM-u - stanejo okoli 2€ in majo res velik barv za zbirat. Definitivno jih bom skos nosila na morju!


x Lara


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