Saturday, July 14, 2012


STUDDED LOAFERS - These are from Ebay for around 20€. I already saw some in H&M but they weren't studded all over so if I don't find them anywhere I might order them from Ebay. They're definitely attention catching, but I really like them. HERE

BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED BLOUSE - I've been wanting a black and white vertically striped blouse for such a long time, but the one I spotted on Ebay has been out of stock forever! So as soon as they get it back I'm buying it :)

REVLON LIP BUTTERS - Still waiting until these babies come to my local drugstore, but I heard really good reviews on them. I wish they were more matte, but all right.

PACK OF SILVER RINGS - Not necessarily these on the photo but something similar. I just want to have a bunch of silver rings that I could wear every day.

OPI POLISH IN THANKS A WINDMILLION - It's from the Holland collection. Pretty grey-ish green color.

x Lara


  1. Js mam občutek de tejle lip butters ne bodo nikoli prijadrali do nas. Mislim, da jih bo treba kr na ebayu poiskati...

  2. @Sandra nažalost tko kot večina drugih stvari ne :/