Saturday, July 7, 2012


I came back Thursday evening from an amazing vacation in Novalja, Pag. I had a great time, swam in the beautiful Adriatic sea, drank too many Somersby's and got reaally tanned. Wish I could go back! I'm leaving again in 14 days and I'm going to my favorite city ever - Split, yay! :)

1. Bye bye land, 2. On the ferry, 3. View from my balcony, 4. Big mirror in my room, 5. Desperados beer mmm, 6. Sunset in Novalja, 6. Aztec print dress, 7. Refreshment, 8. Beach, 9. Chilling on my balcony, 10. Outfit for the evening, 11. Laying in my room waiting for lunch, 12. F21 jumpsuit for the beach, 13. Beach essentials, 14. On the beach, 15. My mums and my feet in the sand, 16. Palm tree, 17. Beach, 18. Beach, 19. Sunbathing, 20. Mini donuts with Nutella, 21. Ice tea on the beach, 22. On the beach, 23. Cranberry ice tea - the best!, 24. Evening walk in Novalja, 25. Me and my mum, 26. Somersby, 27. Outfit for my mums birthday dinner, 28. Wind in my skirt, 29. Palm tree, 30. Grilled squids, 31. On the ferry leaving Pag, 32. Island Pag, 33. A giant cloud on the way back home

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