Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Got back from an amazing vacation in Split on sunday. I had a really good time and it was the most relaxing vacation ever. I never fully relax on a vacation I always think about the problems back home but this time I really shut off, and it was amazing :) I can't wait to go back next year, since it's my favorite city.

(view from the balcony in my room)
(view from my balcony)
(my diy studded phone case)

(dad taking sneaky pics of me while walking in Omis)

(a narrow street in Omis)
(Pretty napkin at the restaurant we had dinner at)
(Coolest thing in Omis! Picture doesn't do it justice - it's a long row of trees so you feel like you're in a tunel of trees)

(Omis is crowded with restaurants and cafes)

(Cheesy mirror snap after the beach)
(Another paparazzi shot from my dad)
(Ice cold cola)
(Texting, eating ice cream and sight-seeing - all at once!)
(Another pretty street)
(Split's riva from the parking lot)
(Dioclecian's palace)
(Annoyed at my dad taking so many photos of me)

(Shot of the trace that ferry leaves just as we arrived to Brac - look how clean the water is!)
 (Lovee this shot of Split I took from the ferry)
 (From the ferry)
 (Beach at the Le Meridien hotel)

Just a couple of Instagram shots


  1. fuuuul lepe slikce. :)*

  2. I love all these pictures! you look so gorgeous in the first one, i love your make-up! And the one from the ferry is amazing aswell! Following :) xxxx