Sunday, September 2, 2012


Bioderma micellar solution for sensitive skin - 250ml - 12€ - EBAY

After everyone was raving about this I decided to go to a pharmacy and pick one up and let's just say I totally understand the rave!
I always used make-up wipes and baby oil to take my make-up off and it just made my eye lids really oily and it made me go blind, lol, seriously, I just always had so much of that baby oil in my eyes that it was bothering me, so this is a god sent product.
It takes my make-up off in a second, doesn't irritate my skin and leaves it really smooth and you can just feel your skin being clean. I follow up my skincare routine with Clinique's claryfing lotion and that really always took all off the dirt off my face and after using wipes and baby oil the pad after using Clinique would still have  a lot of make-up on, but now it doesn't because this really takes it all off.
So I highly recommend this and when I run out I'm definitely repurchasing it!

x Lara

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  1. Bioderma is my favorite make-up remover and cleanser ! I absolutely love this

    xx Liyana

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